Mission15 is helping with church planting on different levels all over the continent.


Here are some of the projects we are directly involved in:


On the local level, we are building a church planting network that covers southeast Germany (currently 4 churches). A church will be planted in every city with more than 10.000 citizens.


Mission15 is working in our region of Germany, helping a denomination to restructure to be able to grow from 44 to 77 churches in the next 7 years.


Mission15 is leading a national church planting movement that is currently planting 60 churches.


  • Mission15 is consulting church planting movements in several other European countries.

  • M15 is providing church planting training all over Europe and training approximately 700 leaders a year in church planting in partnership with DCPI.

  • M15 is currently in the process of translating church planting manuals into every major European language.

  • M15 is working on a partnership for starting a Bible college that is focused on church planting.

  • M15 is starting an academy for church planting in the Spring of 2020. 


M15 is also helping to start church planting movements internationally. So far we have trained leaders in Australia, Colombia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Nigeria, Kenia and the USA.


YOU can play a key role in reaching the lost in Europe and all over the world through church planting! Help advance the Kingdom by investing in Mission15! Investment Opportunities can be found here.